Max Machinery Est.1989


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Max Machinery supplies a wide range of big heavy duty lathes, from Horizontal to Vertical Lathes, Boring and Milling Machines,

Portal Gantry to Rotary Table Transfert and Piani Stolle.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience in this field we can meet each and every specific need and requests.

Max Machinery applies its extensive knowledge and professionalism in looking for and personally inspecting exclusively and confidentially each client's request.


We also personally and directly take care of disassembling, loading and transporting the machinery and its parts to destination.

We encourage and welcome the client's presence in the process as well.


References and feedback from other clients we served can be requested and will be gladly provided.




Max Machinery Italy Phone +39 333 2111551 email : 1563@maxmachinery.it

Phone +39 334 9217687 email : carmen@maxmachinery.it

Via dell'Artigianato,27 Office email : max@maxmachinery.it

31050 Vedelago (TV) Skype Paolo1563

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